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Sphere of Influence

This week I have learned a lesson in sphere of influence.


I have long since been involved in volunteer activities for a non-profit organization that is near and dear to my heart.  We have a huge project going where we are fundraising for a facility that is about double the size of our current location.


In addition to the fundraising which is almost complete, we have community outreach activities like beach clean-ups, passing out pamphlets, prison education programs, an anti-drug campaign, working with our local police depts., chaplain services, etc.


There are about 40 active people in the volunteer group every week, in addition to about 15 or so that come when they can.


This week, I was asked to step up and become the chairman of the group.  When I was talking it over, I was certain that it would be both terrifying and extremely exciting.  Terrifying because the responsibility is high.  Exciting because of the constant challenge.  It is a fast-paced world with little time to breathe.  I work on our activities every night, and at least 5 hours on the weekend.  Itís like my Superman job.  Clark Kent, giving you quotes by day, and Superman by night.


My alter ego is not really different than my day time personality.  Iíd like to think that they complement each other.


But, the biggest thing about this is that the drive I have to help my group is unlike anything else in my life.  Itís what I wake up thinking about, where my mind wanders while I am driving.  Itís where I become an idealist with the utter conviction of really helping people to live better lives, regardless of where there are atÖpenniless, criminal, successful entrepreneur or housewife extraordinaire.  All of these people make up the world we are in, and everyone needs help with something.


So far, I havenít been terrified.  My group is strong, and getting stronger by the day.  I have learned that my sphere of influence extends further than I thought.  I am delighted to create amazing effects, learning how to mastermind my corps of supporters.


Moral of the story:  Always have a PURPOSE you are striving for.  Reach far, reach high, make that dream into a reality.  There is no deeper reward.  Take the plunge and increase your responsibility.  Youíll find your influence extends further than you thought.