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Hope Cannot Be "Lost"

My pal, Fletcher Murray sent me this blog post, and I wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy!  ~ Sara

You hear the phrase, "All hope is lost."

But unlike your car keys, hope is not an object.

Hope is a feeling or an idea. Some
infomercials are really selling you hope.  And you pay with three easy payments of $19.95 to achieve the ideal state of washboard abs.

But hope's not a thing.  It doesn't come in a box. Hope is a self-generated idea of a future state of existence that is usually better than the present.

So you don't "lose" hope. You choose to abandon your self-generated idea of a future. You choose to stop feeding your "hope" with little positive statements throughout the day. Your hope then dies.

Why am I writing this?  Because I quit feeding my hopes those little
statements (or affirmations)  throughout the day and I thought you might be in the same boat and I might help you out with a note.

A note that might help you find your hope.

One more thing about hope. It is why people get married, why people get divorced, why people want children, why people take some jobs, why people try, why people risk everything, why the people of the world trudge forward each day. The general wants his troops home safe. The Pope wants more effective prayers for peach. The armament maker wants a better bomb. The kid wants a better skateboard. The mom wants to get some sleep. The dad wants more pay. The banks want better investments.

My dog, Annie, wants me to get out of my head more often and tend to more important things like rubbing her tummy.

Hope's the basis of nature's thrust to grow and expand and to fight and to prevail.

Hope's all about this idea that there's something better to be had. You
might say hope is the engine of the human spirit. I think Hope's the carrot and the stick. No hope. No engine. No go. No va. No way, Jose.

If your "hope machine" has fallen into disuse, just start it up again and
crank one little "hope-lette" out there. Something like, "I hope I'll have
an especially good lunch with a dear friend soon."

Hope costs nothing, but it means everything.

2011 by Fletcher
Murray - Truth Strategies

Find out more at and