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Dear NASA, We Should Not Be Shutting You Down

Despite the fact that I am pretty Conservative, I am not for this whole NASA space shuttle shutdown thing that is going on.  Call me a dreamer.  But the conquering of outer space, taking our society into faraway lands, building new realities is something that should concern all peoples of Earth.


And perhaps this isn’t something that interests everybody.  But, let me ask you something.  Did you know that the following significant inventions all came about, or were DRASTICALLY improved by NASA research?  Scratch-resistant eyeglass lenses.  Cordless power tools – both for construction, and medical use, Invisible Orthodontic Braces, Tempurpedic Memory Foam,  Smoke Detectors, Ear Thermometers and more…One of the most notable is the satellite technology used for worldwide communication – from cell phones and internet to a live broadcast of the World Cup from all the way in faraway lands.


We are talking serious innovation to our present society as a result of these geniuses. Technology developed is shared with other private companies which may have an interest in using the information to improve life here on Earth.  And these are things we would not think we could live without.


In the 50 years of NASA’s history, NASA has used around $780 billion to fund its endeavors.  An average of $15.8 billion per year.  For 50 years. 


To give you a comparison, the US military (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Defense Intelligence, etc.) use up an approximate $685 billion PER YEAR.  You could fund almost 50 years of NASA research with one year of spending for the military.  Wow.


So this whole shutting down of the Space Shuttle Program saves a teensy teensy bit of spending in the grand scheme.


We are laying off 3200 people on Friday.  3200 of the US government’s best.  Geniuses.  We are getting rid of our intensely brilliant, high-IQ individuals who have routinely shown us that they can exercise their ability to think not only outside the box, but outside the solar system…to bring us to unknown far planets and solar systems…to provide us with the innovations which bring the world so much further in technology…


NASA, I am appalled at government spending, but I would give you your budget always, were I the one in charge.