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Announcing...A New Service... ((drum roll please))...

I like what I do. One of the highlights of my week is coming up with an interesting email for you folks to read. Whether I am writing about some real or imagined scandal, news or just plain having fun with words, it takes some thought to come up with something you will read. (Some people are convinced that I have missed my calling as a writer, even going so far as to say I should be a comedienne. I'm flattered!)


I have a handful of customers that frequently ask me for advice on how to word some copy, devise a theme, or draft a letter for them. I have even helped one customer through several stages of negotiating with another supplier to resolve an issue with finesse, and we achieved the result we were going for - salvaging the sale, which was a $15,000 order. She emphatically stated that she would have lost the order had I not been there to guide her.


And just like how it is in a romantic relationship,

the words one chooses can mean

either perfect harmony

...or utter disaster


Not everyone can express the compelling features of their product or service. To this end, I would like to announce to you that InnoPack is testing a new program of copywriting services to help you in your business. We want your customers to fall in love with you.


Since this is new territory for us, we don't know everything there is to know. However, if you have been a loyal reader of my antics, I think you can figure out what you might be in for when taking the leap and giving us a shot.


~ Sara