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So this morning, I am sitting at my desk…after I’d been in for about half an hour.


 Paulina blurts out to me that she received a marriage proposal last night.  I am thinking to myself, “It took her HALF AN HOUR to tell me that??  What the--?”


She proceeds to tell me that it wasn’t a proposal from her boyfriend.  (Seriously?  Was it a drunk dude then?) 


Apparently an acquaintance of her parents, some guy, needs to get a Green Card, and after trying and exhausting all other options, he is “forced” to take marriage to an American, as a business transaction, into consideration.  Besides the fact the Paulina has a boyfriend, the dude himself has a girlfriend.


I, myself, wouldn’t ever dream of doing something like this, let alone have to think about it.  Considering that it is fraud, not to mention that it can’t be as simple as it sounds and could have serious repercussions!  However, it wouldn’t be the first time someone did something like this, nor the last.


 Feeling like I was in a movie script, I carefully questioned her to make sure that she wasn’t thinking of ACTUALLY doing it.  Her answer?  “Hell no!”




And, accordingly, I maintain sanity at least one more day in my life!