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A few words about Health Care "Reform"

In the old days, a man who needed something for his family would go out and work, earn the money and pay for what he needed.  We are talking farmers and blacksmiths here.  His family would help contribute to the household and could see the value in their hard work.


As things have progressed to the point where things are in the world today, people often don’t connect the dots and see where their product connects to their customer, and thus bring about something “exchangeable.”


So, with the Health Care Reform bill having been signed into law, it doesn’t take a genius to understand that this is a major change.  There are an estimated 308 million people in the US and it affects EVERYONE.


Now the “government” is going to fund health care for all, in a socialized system.  Remember, the government doesn’t fund anything in our country.  The spending of government money is simply an allocation of OUR tax dollars. 


Even that statement is somewhat false, as the government has the ability to simply print more paper money, inflating our economy with dollars that are not backed up by product, consequently cheapening our dollar, when the tax dollars are not sufficient to cover the expenses.  And believe me, there is far less money available to the government (both state and federal) than what we the government has committed to spend.


What does it mean?  You work to pay someone else’s bills.  In this case, their healthcare.  That other person does not necessarily contribute to the system as much as you do, yet they may take harder from the system than you do.  And that is the flaw.  It’s not equal. 


You might consider that I am a little cold here.  Do I have no sense of charity and compassion for those less fortunate?  Yes, I do.  However I firmly believe that the pressure and level of necessity that a person has is what makes or breaks his level of production, and therefore his income.  If there is no pressure for someone to come up with rent money, he won’t try as hard to handle it, as the problem is not very impinging.  If his child is ill, getting the needed care is obviously in order, and most parents will be attentive to this need, regardless of their financial position.


My advice?


1.  Work your buns off and make sure that you are constantly improving your value to your company and customers.


2.  Don’t ever count on someone else to pay your bills.  You are turning over the control to another.  Which means you aren’t in charge of your life.


3.  And, if you oppose your rights of freedom being taken away, participate in OUR government.  City, State, Federal.  Vote.  Communicate.  Let your voice be heard.  And don’t forget in all of this…your work is what funds what the government does, and you have a choice in its direction.


From my soapbox is Sunny So Cal….



Dated : 23-Mar-2010