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Magic Castle Visit!

The Magic Castle is...well, MAGIC!


Last night, my trusty sidekick, Paulina and I went to the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  A few other good friends also joined in on the action.


The occasion?  My main squeeze, Larry (of The Magic of Larry Soffer) was performing.  As far as I am concerned, everyone needs more magic in their lives.  So, this is how we ended up going on a “school night.”  Ha ha ha.


Larry’s magic specialty is Mentalism.  He reads minds.  He bends metal, WITHOUT TOUCHING IT.  He goes on the radio and can create magical effects over the radio waves in the houses of listeners.


My favorite thing he did last night, was how he took a wristwatch from an audience member, and just by waving his hands over it, made the time skip almost 15 minutes into the future.  Several audience members watched and gasped, me included.


Paulina almost peed her pants when he correctly guessed the card that she had picked, all on her own, without any prompting, just by looking at it.


Oh, and we met Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy!!  Yep.  That was awesome.


I am thinking of taking Larry to the PPAI Show to work the booth with me in January…I reckon that would stop you all in your tracks.


With Love and Magic,