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Unemployment Benefits Might Eat Your Company Alive

Think Twice Before You HireÖand Fire

Unemployment Benefits Might Eat Your Company Alive


I am sure that I am going to ruffle a lot of feathers out there by these comments, but the truth is that as a group, if we donít do something about it, we are causing untold trouble in the future for our future generations.


Last year, one of our main production workers got pregnant, and needed to be replaced so she could have her baby.  We placed an ad and interviewed a bazillion people, and tried out half a dozen, to find someone else to take her spot.


We finally settled on a great lady, letís call her Sally.  She was amazing.  Her attention to detail was great, she never had problems with the machines, she asked very intelligent questions, and all around was delightful.


Sally only worked for us for a couple of months and made about $3300 in that time in salary.


One fateful Friday afternoon, Sally quit without any indication of prior notice, saying that she was going to go and work for her boyfriend, who had a catering business.  We were shocked that she didnít give any notice.  We had many customer jobs scheduled intensively over the next couple of weeks, and had no indication that she would be leaving.  It put us in an awful spot of trying to cope with the workload.  Sure, there are other workers, but they were booked up too.  It was stressful.


Today we received a letter from our ďfriendlyĒ Unemployment office, where Sally was making a claim for unemployment benefits.  Remember, she VERY CLEARLY quit her job, with no care to the consequence or burden it might lay on our customers.  The Unemployment people are proposing to pay her out a total of $3200 over the next 20 weeks from our Unemployment Tax Account.  Remember, she only earned $3300 from our company in total.


And does Unemployment try to contact us to re-hire her?  Nope.  Wow.  What a terrible system.  I would rather hire the girl back for goodness sake, than reward her with money to NOT WORK.  She was a GREAT worker.  But no, Unemployment is just gonna pay it out to her.


I am not against a little bit of help when something goes wrong.  But when it turns into waiting as long as possible for Unemployment Benefits to run out, itís simply not okay.  This situation (getting something for nothing) devaluates our dollar, thereby creating inflation, as there is no exchange, yet the money is being paid out, and causes untold misery for the average, honest, working American. 

Each business in America is supposed to pay for Unemployment Insurance to cover the potential expense of unemployment at some later date.  The more claims made by former employees, the more the business ends up paying.  That ends up hurting existing employees, and hurting the business.


Should other citizens work hard to support a lifestyle to allow someone to live off of the new allowable maximum 99 weeks of Unemployment Benefits? I say NO WAY.


Welcome to yet another reason why we each must, as citizens of America, actively work to make a change in the system.  Vote.  Become active.  Make it unsafe and spoken against to support those who get something for nothing.  If people want money, they need to earn it the old fashioned way: work. 


And if you are unemployed, before going to get the government to agree to support you with Unemployment Benefits, consider re-visiting your former employers to get re-hired.  Those benefits are going to be paid out by that company, whether they like it or not.  At least have the pride to go back to work and offer your abilities to support the company that you are otherwise taking from without exchanging with, in present time.