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the GIVE BACK campagin - Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie Norcross, rep from Long Beach, CA distributor Coast Promotional Source, asi/163545.


What she does:  Kitten Rescue and Foster Parenting of kitties.  Oh, and an occasional doggie.


Why she does it:  Because Natalie has a heart of gold and loves animals.  She's also vegan.  It's a hard-core way of life.  There is no mistaking that animal rights is a subject of which Natalie is extremely passionate about.  (It's true, as Natalie has become a good friend in addition to a great customer, I always seem to find myself hashing the vegan topic with her.  It's very involved.  I respect her greatly for the ardent fervor and ethics she maintains to stand up for what she is passionate about.)


How she started in Kitten Rescue:   I'll let you hear it from the Kitten's Meow, (I mean Mouth):



"When I was 17 years old, I worked in a veterinarian's office. One day, a family brought in two kittens that had been born that morning to a feral barn cat. The mother cat abandoned her kittens on a freezing cold Northern California day and most of them were dead by the time the family found them.


"Two kittens were still barely alive, so they brought them to us. One kitten passed away and I volunteered to care for the only surviving kitty. She was less than 24 hours old and still had her umbilical cord attached. Twelve years later, Bigsby is still the light of my life and the reason I am a volunteer today!"


What sort of stats does Natalie have in Kitten Rescue:


About 400 cats rescued and fostered in the last four years.


Natalie has an average of 2-4 foster kitties in her charge at any given time.


Sometimes she will take on newborns and bottle feed them every 2-4 hours, 24/7.  They come to work with her, and get attention at every moment they need her.