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The Ugly Truth...or Is It Really?

Sometimes it seems like life just isnít worth living.  Whatís the point?  Doesnít it suck a bit too much?


Like everywhere you turn, there is bad news.  You donít know when you are gonna get blindsided and knocked on your behind.  Someone might just come demanding you pay money for unexpected expenses.  Itís scary actually.


The government is god awful, the interests of the people are neglected.  We pay to have ourselves kicked down by special interests, and it is maddening.  When was the last time, as a group, we were truly represented by our government??  And we are so much more free than other countries, but still!!


Then it just seems like all we need is a lazy lounge in the hammock, slowly sipping a margarita/other adult beverage and a warm breeze to wash away the worries.  Ahh, sunshine.


And thenÖit hits you.  Perhaps.  PERHAPSÖsomething can be done about all this.  Maybe you can be at cause over your fate.


In fact, when was the last disaster you didnít handle?  In reality, you handle disasters ALL THE TIME.  You always step up to the plate when itís time, and come out ahead.


What do YOU think?  I want to hear it.  (And, if you like, I will share what I think.  How you can do something about it.)


Email me by clicking here Ė I want to hear from you.