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Admit it: This Country Is Not Going Where You Want it to Go
Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, etc. (or Anarchist for that matter!), you do have a political opinion.  Yes.  Yes, you do.

You have a family.  Children, often.  A business to grow.  Customers to help.  Friends that need you.  Your place in life, and your vote, is IMPORTANT.  Your understanding of what new officials stand for, and what the true implications of new laws cause, is the difference between ignorance ("just let someone else decide these things") and intelligence.  Knowing with certainty what you are voting for is incredibly important.  Remember that you have children, and future generations are molded by what we do now.

Regardless of where the political swing takes you, the fact remains that you and all the people you interact with are affected by what happens at City, State and Federal government level.

One new law might not hurt you, but it might really hurt a customer, or a family member.

Do your research.  Vote on Election Day.  If it suits you, step up to a position of leadership in your area.  YOU CAN INFLUENCE THE FUTURE.