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(Here is a pic of Larry and I with Joseph, a gorgeous cat.)



Some of you might have heard that I went to South Africa over the holiday last week.  My beau, Larry lives there.


It was my first time overseas.  So the reality of the travel alone was pretty foreign.  It was about 30 hours of travel time getting there.  22 hours on 2 planes, connecting at London Heathrow airport.


Anyhow, Cape Town is a BEAUTIFUL place.  It is so pristinely clean.  Everywhere you look, you will see breathtaking views of the ocean or the amazingly flat and mesmerizing Table Mountain, and the other peaks next to it.  The Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet just south of town, another fabulous spot to visit.


And when I say clean, I mean CLEAN.  Every restroom, public and private, was immaculate.


The scenery is like no other place I have ever been.  I am very fond of Cali myself, but Cape Town is just…out of this world.  There is such a mix of people there from many cultures making a melting pot that is very pleasantly mixed.


Though I was mostly in Cape Town, I did make it up to Johannesburg for 2 days, and out into wine country at Stellenbosch, and also to Simon’s Town, where there is a gigantic population of great white sharks.


Another highlight was visiting the Cheetah Outreach Program at Spier.  That was something else.  They are a protected species, and to watch them run around was awesome.  They are very friendly and pose no risk to humans.  I learned that they will only eat animals that are smaller than them.  When I saw that one of our guides was wearing flip flops just like me, I was more convinced about the safety.  Joseph was awesome...very sweet.