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Adventures at the PPAI Expo!

InnoPack is located in the sunny town of Orange, CA.  Because of said proximity to Vegas, we always drive out there with all of our show fixings and loot.


We left ol’ office at about 12:30, made a couple of necessary stops and then hit the 57.  We made our ceremonial stop at the Mad Greek, fueled up our tummies, and set off again.  We arrived at the convention center at 4:55.  Our show paperwork stated that set-up was until 9.  We didn’t realize that the Union rates shift to super expensive come 5pm.  Anyhoo, we drove up to the wrong side of the station, and were met with an unsympathetic Union dude, who said we could either pay $200 (as opposed to the $66 for the pre-5pm rate) or carry it all in.


No, Paulina and I weren’t about to go for either option.  I gave Paulina the renegade instructions:  “Drive up that back ramp, where all the forklifts are!”  She looked at me uncertainly.  I instructed her to bat her eyelashes.  We meet this grumpy older man at the top of the drive, and Paulina put on a great show of innocence and eyelashes.


We pulled over while he figured out what to do with us.


Meanwhile, the apparent supervisor of the crew, motioned for us to drive up closer.  We do, then stop at the big roll-y door things.  He motions again (“Hello, drive all the way in, would you!??”)  We did so (he he, we are such good Ninjas) and then unloaded and had our stuff lickety-split in there, like swimwear.


And Mike was awesome.  They only charged us the regular rate.  PHEW!


The show was a blast, as it always is.  It was great to meet customers face to face, and to visit with ones that we have already met too.  Paulina and I have a tendency to get very giddy when we finally get to put a face to a name!!


We are pumped and ready for the most awesomest year in our history and can’t wait for new opportunities to meet scores and scores of our fans in the near future. 


Oh, totally friend me on Facebook!  I am “Sara InnoPack”…and if you like the word of the birds, find me on Twitter… “InnoPackSara”


Thank you for being customers and fans, and hope to work with you again soon!  Let’s rock 2011!!