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Tragedy in Japan

Pardon me for the off topic email, but sometimes we have to step out into our more basic role as human beings and do something about mankind.


In the aftermath of tragedy, often one's wits are frozen.  Disaster in a faraway land can seem very unreal, even as if it didn't really happen.


Let's remember that the people of Japan need our help.  Whatever side of the political sphere you support, one cannot deny this fact.


There is risk at the moment that another earthquake will hit soon.  There is a lot of tension and concern of a radioactive meltdown in more than one power plant, and some contamination has already been reported.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR HOW THE USMAY BE AFFECTED.)


This reality of radiation clouds can even affect us here in the States, as well as the people of Indonesia, China, Australia, etc.  The Japanese people have put innovation into our society from cars to TVs, aerospace development and just about every gadget you have come to love.  The people of the regions close to Japan are important and help support our lifestyles - especially textiles and crops.  These fellow members of mankind are important to you and me, whether that is obvious or not.  We need them and they need us.


When the US has been affected by tragedy, the nations of Earth have come together to help us.  Witness Hurricane Katrina, where the US received over $750 million in relief funds from foreign countries.  The US helped Haiti with all sorts of relief.


Please, look into your hearts and contribute to the efforts to set this terrible condition right.  We need to help Japan cope with the disaster and set them on the road to rebuilding their lives.  These people need medical help, medicine, food, supplies, etc.  Many churches organize goods donations- clothing, blankets, canned food, etc.


I have listed a couple of causes which are helping Japan, but certainly not a complete list.  Choose one of these, or some other group.  But do help:


American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, VolunteerMinisters.orgWorld Vision


And, read these recommendations from the FDA regarding radiation fallout which does have the possibility of affecting the US over the next few days - reduce your risk of thyroid cancer from radiation:


Okay my friends, let's have the best wishes for rapid resolution for our fellows in Japan.  Remember, there are many children and adults that are scared and distressed.  We can help them.




Sara & Paulina and Team InnoPack