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Reunited After 24 Years

I have 6 siblings.  2 sisters, 4 brothers.  They range in age from 20, at the youngest to 43 at the oldest.  I am somewhere in the middle. 


Let me tell ya a lil story.  My whole family had been out of touch with one of my brothers for the better part of 24 years, with the exception of a funeral 12 years ago.  LONG STORY.  Very.


But last night, all the pieces came into place, and I saw my bro for the first time since that funeral.  We caught up for hours, into the wee hours of the night.  I met my 7 year old nephew that I didnít know existed, and my fab sis-in-law.  And visited with an older nephew whom I havenít seen since his diaper days.  Amazing.


When we had first talked on the phone last night, my bro was a little bit surprised how much I had missed him.  Of course I missed him!  He is irreplaceable in my life.  3 other brothers and a sister wouldnít replace him.


I have always loved my brother dearly and to be able to restore our connection is such an amazing experience.  I have long dreamt of the day where this would all be behind us, which was yesterday.  I am exhilarated and thrilled to have him back.  He is a truly amazing, sparkling person.  And my little nephew is quite possibly the cutest kid ever ever.  What a ham.  And the good thing is that he lives only about an hour away from me so I get to be the spoiling auntie!  All the time!


We are off for a road trip this weekend to meet up with 2 other siblings and my mom.  Canít wait!!


Take it from me:  Donít ever forget your family.  Life is so lonely without them.  Even if you have major differences, youíll miss them, and theyíll miss you if you fall out of touch.  Every family member is important and a big deal. 


Iíd love to hear back from you on how you have restored connections in your life J