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The Process of Elimination

Okay, so like I said, Paulina (my beloved Trusty Sidekick) and I did an intestinal cleanse last week.  We figured that every so often, it should help the body feel better.


So true.


Some of the stuff that um, came out, was vintage.  But, better out than in.


The diet was supposed to be vegan (no animal products).  We stuck to that for the most part, but both of us needed a little help here and there to keep going.


I can saw that if you have considered changing your diet to vegan, itís not so unconfrontable after doing a cleanse like the one we just did (BTW it was Dr, Shulzeís 5 Day Bowel Cleanse, you can look up


I was surprised that I was not starving.  And I could feel my system having less stress on digestion.


Colon cancer is one of the top killers in America. Thatís really no surprise to me, especially considering the state of our processed food.


Check it out.  I am not a doctor, so do your own research.  Itís worth a small investment in discipline and change of diet.  You might just feel bettererer.




Sara : )