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True Story. 


My nephew Zach used to have terrible stomach aches as a teenager.  He lived with his mom, who was always letting him stay home from school because he was sick.  His dad, Jay (my brother) at first thought that it was just a form of avoiding school.


One day, Zach was staying with his dad, and did the “I have a stomach ache.” thing again.


Jay decided to take him to the Emergency Room, knowing that they would do a lot of different tests, and if he was really sick, it would turn up.  In fact he was.  Dad saved his life actually.


As fate would have it, the person that diagnosed Zach was not a doctor, but actually his dad, Jay.  Zach was sitting up on a bed in the ER, wearing shorts.  Dad caught a glimpse of his leg under his shorts, and was like, “WHAT IS THAT??”


Zach told him it was a mole.  Uh uh, that was no mole, people.  That was a lump of melanoma, 3 times the size of any normal mole.


Jay took charge and saw Zach through all the treatment to rid himself of the cancer.


Lessons to be learned: 


LOOK AT THOSE “MOLES.”  Get a doctor to check ‘em out. 


Wear your sunblock and prevent skin cancer.  Here is a good one.