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Adventures of the Last Few Days...

The last few days have been adventurous.  Worth a summary I think:

Friday,  4/29, 6pm
:  My dad is back in town and he invited me over for dinner.  He made stuffed bell peppers.  Despite my urgings to include cheese on the top, he omits.  Rats.  Not bad for his first attempt though.

Sat, 4/30, 9 am:  On Skype with my boyfriend, who lives overseas in Cape Town, South Africa.  #iheartskype

Sat night:  Church event at the Crevier Classic Car Museum in Costa Mesa, CA.  Saw old, old cars that are sooooo pretty.  The speech was inspiring.  #Amen!

Sun 5/1,
10:45 am:  Meet my sister's dad and stepmom for scrumptious brunch in Hollywood.  We catch up and I deliver some X-Mas presents to them that my sis gave me the last time I saw her.  She lives on the East Coast.  The mushroom crepes were killer, and well worth the ridiculously modest $12 for the brunch.

12:30 pm
:  Running late to meet my bro, sister-in-law and 8 year old nephew to join my dad and some friends on a sailboat trip.  I arrive late to his crib.  We skidaddle and head down to Long Beach together after a quick stop to buy some Dramamine for the landlubbers.  I love the water, and the good thing is I have never been seasick.  They didn't want to chance it.

2:45 pm:  We launch!  Ahoy, it's the crew of the Rhapsody in Blue!  That is the name of my dad's sailboat.  11 of us went, including some friends from Church that bid on the sailing trip from a Silent Auction that I organized a couple of months ago.  The weather was perfect, and everyone had a smashing time.  Only a couple of scary moments, but all is well that ends well, eh?

10:30 pm: Leaving my brother's house, I realize I left my fave shades on the boat.  RATS!  Oh well, at least I have a spare pair to tie me over till I make it to the boat again.  #damnmissingsunglasses


Midnight-30:  Text from my bro:  Bin Laden is dead.  Took me a bit to process it in my half-asleep state.  Check.  I crash back to sleep.

Mon 5/2 10 am:  One of my fave reorders comes in for some of our
SPG packets.  This is an annual order for a cancer center.  They sponsor a walk.  Glad to have the order for another year.


Mon 4:35 pm:  A friend tells me about his crazy love life, which has me very worried.  Yikes, I feel like someone is definitely going to get hurt here.  Too bad he thinks I am just a nag! #sometimeshelliscloserthanitseems

Mon night:  Volunteer committee at Church.  We meet, and then afterward, I get a few pals set up to work on their projects and then I split to make it to Trader Joe's before they close.

Tues, 1:45 pm: A client that was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago stops by with the fantastic news that he is now cancer free!  We chat a bit and my jaw drops when he tells me that he has been married for 50 years now.  He doesnít look a day over 60, but he is actually 72.  Wow.  #lovemodernmedicine

Tues 5/3 2:08 pm:  My boyfriend gets confirmation on a new gig he has coming up.  He is a magician, and the gig is that he is going to make 2 cars appear out of thin air on his stage, for a dealership down in Johannesburg.  It's gonna pay big bank, so we are both very excitedddd!!! 

2:12 pm: One of my fave clients gives me a reorder for 25,000 pieces of custom YPLS15, for a Beer brand.  LML!  (Translation: Love my life!)

Now:  Itís your turn!  What's up with you?  Give me the rundown!

I hope you have enjoyed this rendition of the last few days in my life.  As always,
let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.  Check out our Sport Guard SPF 30 sunblock in the carabiner bottle and the all-time fave lip balm: LS15.